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- excessive ear wax removal service
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" I was most impressed by your friendly and efficient service."
K.S.  Newark
"The service is excellent and the cost is very reasonable."
M.C.  Branston

Micro Suction is just as it sounds; micro because a microscope is used to see everything which is one of the reasons why it is safe; suction because, to remove the wax , a safe small medical vacuum device is used. It has very low suction power and is extremely gentle and the most you should feel is a gentle pulling sensation.

Ear wax is essential and consists of the antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal secretions of the  ceruminous and sebaceous glands. Its purpose is to repel water, trap dust, debris and germs. Its odour discourages insects from entering the ear canal.     Let us restore the natural balance.

Micro suction usually does not need any pre-treatment, although a week or so using Earol olive oil will help ease the more stubborn blockage.
We will examine your ears using an otoscope then using binaural microsope (headset with light and special glasses), using a fine low pressure suction device, safely remove the blockage.
We can usually show you the condition of your ear canals. before and after, using a video otoscope.

SAFER - Safety is paramount - Micro suction is the preferred method of treatment for guaranteed effective removal of ear wax.

PAIN FREE - Micro suction is usually totally comfortable and usually the blockage is removed in minutes.

QUALIFIED - George is a fully qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist with additional training in aural micro suction ear wax removal by the EarWaxClinic (the Hearing Lab)
Dear George

Thank you once again for your help with treating my  ears this morning. Please find feedback below.

“I contacted 'Lincoln Hearing' after being told by my GP that it would be over a month before a nurse could see me about my blocked ears.
Such was the blockage and associated difficulties I could not wait that long and so to my delight George was good enough to fit me in the following morning.
I was immediately put at ease about the procedure, I was shown images of the inside of my ear before and after the treatment and George explained the working of the ear and the benefits of some wax as well as preventative measures I could take.
The service is excellent and the cost is very reasonable.
This is a superior form of treatment (to the syringe method used by a GP/Nurse) and carried out by a very experienced professional.
A five star service”

Thank you once again and very best wishes
Kind regards  (M.C. Branston)

Do not wait until you are completely blocked up

We recommended the use of Olive Oil Spray

in stock

£6.00 for 10ml bottle

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George   is recommended by local GPs practises
also working with ENT consultant

Qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist
Specialist in 
Micro Suction 
to remove excessive ear wax.

£45 /£65 /£85 - best value private service for the Lincoln area

- Better than syringing, micro suction is the expert professional ear wax removal treatment.

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